Website Recovery

Emergency Website Rescue

An emergency website rescue service is a specialized service offered by web development and digital marketing professionals to quickly address and resolve critical issues affecting a website. These services are designed to provide immediate assistance when a website is facing severe technical problems, security breaches, downtime, or other critical issues that could negatively impact the website’s functionality, user experience, and reputation.

Key features of our Emergency Website Rescue Service include:

  1. Rapid Response
  2. Issue Diagnosis
  3. Technical Expertise on web technologies, platforms, content management systems (CMS), and coding languages.
  4. Implementing Security Measures
  5. Data Recovery
  6. Performance Optimization
  7. Backup and Restoration
  8. Transparent Communication
  9.  Prevention

With the convenience of a CMS website comes a certain amount of risk and responsibility. Content Management Systems are a great way for our clients to make minor changes without the extra expense associated with hiring a website developers time. Logging in to your CMS gives your computer access to the interior of your website. Without proper viral screening on your Hardware, you run the risk of exposing your site to “Malware” software that can infiltrate the HTML on your site and cause serious problems.  @Large takes great lengths to ensure that your site is healthy and working properly before handing you the keys. In the event that this software infects your site, our team has the resources and skills necessary to investigate and fix the problems. This service is offered on an as-needed basis for a one-time fee of $250.00 – $500.00 depending on the complexity of the situation.

Website Rescue is one of our strongest specialties, and we remain on call for 24-hour emergency help.