Some simple steps on how we will successfully build your Twitter account for your business.

#1 – PROFILE. Create an outstanding profile page with Keyword rich descriptions and fantastic company images.

#2 – SHARE. Tweet, Re-Tweet information about your business all the time. Anything new you have going on, tell the world about it. Make it convenient to find information about your business.

#3 – LISTEN. Watch your comments coming in regarding your brand. Questions, concerns, etc. We want to make sure your audience is happy with your work, and if they aren’t we’ll fix that.

#4 – RESPOND. Make sure to let your audience know you’re available, and you’re listening.

#5 – REWARD. Give your customer a reward for following you. Tweet out contests, freebies, etc.

#6 – DEMONSTRATE LEADERSHIP + EDUCATION. Tweet links to articles regarding your trade. Show people that there is a high level of intelligence behind your business. That you know what you are doing and you care.

#7 – VOICE. We will help you establish the best voice to identify your brand. Twitter tends to prefer a direct, genuine, and of course likable tone from your business.