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Facts About Linkedin –

2 Million Companies have posted to Linkedin. There are 200 million users in 200+ countries. Linkedin is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook & Twitter. Executives from every one of the fortune 500 companies are on Linkedin.

Linkedin helps you engage with the most influential figures in your industry. Bruce Springsteen, Bill Gates & Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg have Linkedin pages.

How we can help optimize your Linkedin Page-

1.) Use Keywords – We’re here to make sure your profile appears in search results by searching on keywords, looking at the top results and noting the location and frequency of keywords.

2.) Brand Your Professional Headline – Include information designed to encourage your potential visitor to find out more about you.

3.) Align your Industry – Be found by the right people by being specific about your industry.

4.) Be Active – Update your Status’s on a regular basis. Share thoughtful/insightful news within your industry.

5.) Embrace The Visual – Show examples of your work, i.e. youtube videos, photographs, etc.

6.) Get Connected – If you don’t have enough Linkedin connections, you simply might not show up on as many Linkedin searches as a 2nd degree connection as you should.

7.)  Strut Your Stuff – Ad items to your profile like products, projects, certifications, causes, volunteering, etc.

8.) Don’t Ignore Endorsements Manage Them – Endorsements might also affect how you appear in Linkedin search results. (STAT: More than 2 billion endorsements given out since launch – that’s 10 million everyday)

9.) Make Yourself/Your Business Contactable – Provide your email address and/or links to Twitter/Facebook.

10.) Build Credibility With Recommendations – A Few real recommendation’s can go along way in helping establish your credibility.

11.) Join Relevant Linkedin Groups – There are more than 200 conversations going on each minute throughout Linkedin groups.