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Facebook believes brands should use the platform to connect and engage with fans, influence them and integrate feedback into the business.

Facebook representatives recommend you talk about things related to your brand, not just your brand to keep fans interested.

Target America love to engage fans with questions not necessarily associated with the products they sell.

Facebook has reported that the content with the highest levels of engagement include text updates with less than 90 characters and bright Images which don’t contain Facebook’s shades of blue and white.

60% of fortune 500 companies have a Facebook page.
62% of marketers said social media became more important in the last 6 months
77% of B2C companies say they acquired new customers through Facebook.
55% of Facebook population are Women & Moms 45% Are Men

Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook guarantees reaching your target audience quickly & efficiently.
The best part about it is, it’s the cheapest online advertising you can buy.

Most Advertisements typically represent the “voice of business”. All ads can be customized to display the exact message that the advertiser wants to promote and targeted to the people the advertiser wants to reach. We’re here to help you optimize this process and make sure you are displaying the right kind of ads for your business.

Rapid Company Growth

Here’s an example of how a small business in Colorado boomed into one of the trendiest bike shops in town. From Facebook.                  (Company Name Has Been Protected for Privacy)

_____Bicycle Co. wanted to increase engagement on its Page in several ways, including: Hosting frequent photo contests on its Page (Ex. the winner of the photo of the most beat-up bike got a new bike)  Running “Facebook Friday,” which included a discount coupon specifically for people who saw this _____Bicycle Co.’s posts on Fridays Encouraging people to like posts to see a sneak peak of new products

This Bike Company ran sponsored stories to reach more people and drive more awareness of its brand: They used a sponsored story to increase the distribution of a Page post by featuring an image of a Black Friday poster with deals on ______Bicycle Co. items

Results: $500,000 in annual incremental sales from coupon codes and traffic exclusively from Facebook.                                                                           12% of traffic to the ______Bicycle Co. website came from Facebook. 1/5th cost per click on Facebook compared to other advertising platforms. 10x growth in the number of people who like their Page, from 4,600 to 46,000-plus within 12 months.